Work in Progress

 I have a massive unfinished ass tattoo. This troubles me. On many levels.

First and foremost, it hurts like a sonofabitch. My canvas (or should I say canv-ass) is not the smallest. Every line that was set was like a long hot dagger digging into my nerves, making the muscles deep inside my butt cheeks tense and cramp relentlessly. After the first session, I even had muscle aches in my chest from clenching my fists and pushing myself up on the table.

The tattoo itself is of a swan covering both of my cheeks.  It seemed like a nice symbol of transformation, moving from an ugly duckling towards a more graceful swan. I’ve been working hard on myself lately, making good healthy choices and focusing on strengthening my mind and body while also listening to my whiny little feelings. But like my butt tattoo, I’m now stuck in that awkward adolescent stage apparently.  

Until recently I was married and the co-owner of a tattoo shop in the little town I live in here in The Netherlands. Technically, at the time of writing this I am still the co-owner of the shop for another 3 weeks, but it already feels like it’s not mine anymore. I’ve started this new business, Crooked Halo. I want this to better represent who I am. For those of you who know me, you probably would agree that I’m a little bit nice (hence the halo) and quite a bit naughty (which is what makes it crooked).

My goal is to tattoo from both The Netherlands as well as the US. I’d like to spend about a month per season in the states, closer to my roots and the people who’ve known me, loved me and supported me the longest, regardless of my many flaws (thanks for that, you know who you are). The rest of the time I’d like to work in The Netherlands, close to my two little loves Lotte and Senna.  

While working in the states, I plan to be working in my home town of Portland, OR with my new buddy Dave at his shop Hurts So Good. At least as long as he can put up with me and my Beavis and Butthead humor. In The Netherlands I plan on working at my former shop Hotrod Tattoo in Etten-Leur probably until the end of 2019. I’m also keeping my eyes and ears open for other opportunities. I love having an unconventional lifestyle, and when people ask how I can stand working with my ex, it kinda makes me happy that I’m me. I don’t always see things in black and white, I don’t feel the need to necessarily hate my exes. But in any case, things are pretty fresh and I get the feeling that my presence at my old shop is merely tolerated and not exactly appreciated. And goddammit I deserve some appreciation 😉  I want to take things slow at any rate. There’s a lot changing right now, and I think that we both need a bit of time to adjust to the new business situation.

But that brings me back to the butt tattoo. There’s still probably about 6 hours of work left on that thing. And my ex was the one tattooing me. We haven’t even talked about whether or not he wants to finish it yet. Or whether or not I want him to finish it yet. Hell, it takes a lot of trust on my part too! While I’m not looking he could cover my whole ass in flies or ugly realistic looking fleshwounds.  But like this awkward stage in my life, the tattoo will get finished one way or another. Life marches on, and I bet you a million bucks that this time next year I will be in a very different and better situation than I am now.


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I’m a traveling tattoo lady who loves to keep her hands and mind busy.

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  1. 😂 i know how you feel. Not about youre ass😜 but workung with youre ex. I tell myself it says somthing about oure maturity and oure self ass as s person. So i want to give you a high five and admire youre courige. (Also about tattoing youre ass😉). They say in hard times you get to know youre friends but i say in hard times you see how strong you realy are and that is the best friend you ever need and have😘. ( sorry for the slpelling mistakes)😂


  2. It sound as if you are making plans of just being who you are! Angela.. kind of crazy as far I know.. and I know a bit 🤪 it’s good to read you still have your options and possibility’s so for now! Don’t just write over the ass or sit on it… just get it inked 😂


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