The Hurt Yurt

photo credits: brambooth

It’s crazy, these last few months have flown by, so much has happened that I haven’t even had a chance to type. 

First things first: I have a new shop to work out of! My Hurt Yurt!!  My crazy dream came true, I built a yurt and I’m tattooing out of it. I couldn’t be happier, and man oh man have I learned some lessons along the way. One lesson I learned long ago got confirmed in this whole process. When everything crumbles and you need to rebuild, you’ll be disappointed by those who leave your side, but more importantly you’ll be awed by those who stick it out and surprised by the new people who join your team. I let myself get tricked into believing that I was really alone, and honestly that was never the case.  Another lesson I learned is to accept help when it’s offered. I’m so convinced that I can do everything by myself, but how exhausting is that? People usually offer help because they want to, and how good does that feel for everyone involved?

My journey to opening my shop doors was at times stressful, but I’m learning to roll with the punches. Due to an illness at the health department, my initial inspection got delayed by 2 weeks. I’d already left my old shop with a dramatic blow out a week before that, so there was no turning back. That left me without income for three whole weeks, something which feels suffocating as a single mom entrepreneur. But even that I survived! I’m still recovering though, so if you want to help, get inked 🙂

My life was a rollercoaster at that time, not only dealing with the stress of waiting to be able to work, but also the good stress of knowing that my kids and I were FINALLY getting a house after 11 months of being on the urgent waitlist.  Within 3 days I went from feeling like I pretty much had nothing to officially being able to open my shop and getting the keys to my house. Once again I rounded up a team of helpers and within 4 days all of my stuff was out of storage and into my new house.  My American friends might be thinking that that’s not really impressive,but let me clarify something. In The Netherlands you pretty much get an empty shell of a house. The walls need painting, the floor is concrete and needs to be covered with something. There are no lights, just wires hanging out of the ceiling. Appliances? You’ve gotta bring those yourself… I still have lots to do, but I’m still amazed at the people who keep showing up to help. 

So yeah, I’m my own boss again, I’m no longer homeless and I’m friggin grateful that once again it appears as though I’m landing on my feet. Thanks you so much for all the kind words and good thoughts. They’ve really helped.

I’m working in The Netherlands until the 25th of this month, I still have a few spots open if you’re interested. Then I’m off to Portland, OR again for a month. I’m still waiting on my official licensing date, but I’m hoping to be able to work for most of the month of September at Hurts So Good with my pal Dave.  After that I’m back in my Hurt Yurt in Breda, The Netherlands. Hope to see you all!


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I’m a traveling tattoo lady who loves to keep her hands and mind busy.

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