A bit about me

Yep, that’s me (Angela) in my Hurt Yurt šŸ™‚

In 2019 my whole life changed and I found myself in need of my own space to grow creatively. I had a crazy idea to build a yurt and get it pimped up to meet the local health authority’s requirements. And luckily I found the perfect place to make this happen at Stek (stekbreda.nl) in Breda, The Netherlands.

I’ve been tattooing since 2012. Initially I owned a shop in Etten-Leur, The Netherlands together with my former business partner. I also spent some time as a guest artist at a shop in Brasschaat, Belgium. And after a few conventions in my home town of Portland, OR, USA, I made a great friend who lets me work out of his shop (Hurts So Good) when I’m in town. I love the freedom that my job offers, as well as the chance to collaborate with clients to figure out what their perfect pieces look like.

I typically spend a few months in The Netherlands, and then a month in the US. Due to the current global situation, I tend to try to go with the flow regarding travel restrictions and quarantine etc. It makes it difficult to plan an entire year in advance, so I try to keep my location updated in the “Where in the World Can You Find Me?” section of this website.

If you’re interested in getting a tattoo, please get in touch! Depending on what you want, we can make an appointment to talk (either in person or online) or we can make an appointment to tattoo you and iron out the final details on the day of your appointment. Each tattoo requires a unique approach, as does every client. I like to work in a manner which encourages the creative process while making the client feel comfortable.


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I’m a traveling tattoo lady who loves to keep her hands and mind busy.

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