A bit about me

Yep, that’s me (Angela) in my Hurt Yurt 🙂

I have been tattooing since 2012 and formed my very own company in 2019 which was when  Crooked Halo was born. I decided to all it Crooked Halo since my name is a bit angelic, yet my sense of humor isn’t always quite so angelic. So my halo is just a wee bit crooked, which is the best way to have it in my opinion.

Crooked Halo World Headquarters is located in Breda, The Netherlands at a very cool location called Stek. Stek is a place with few rules and where creativity thrives. After being introduced to Stek, I knew I had to set up shop there. But how? 

At Stek everybody provides or builds their own unit, and after brainstorming, lightning struck. I must and I would tattoo in a yurt. The Hurt Yurt to be more precise. After careful researching and planning and some modifications for the hygiene norms in The Netherlands, The Hurt Yurt opened its doors in July of 2019. 

In the meanwhile, I continued to travel back and forth to my birth city of Portland, OR. I have a somewhat permanent guest spot at Hurts So Good, at least until Dave gets sick of me 😉

And now the next chapter of the Crooked Halo story is ready to be written. I recently relocated to Arizona and am excited to be working out of Physical Graffiti in Sedona. A beautiful area to get some ink!

Wanna get a tattoo?

If you’re interested in getting a tattoo, please get in touch! Depending on what you want, we can make an appointment to talk (either in person or online) or we can make an appointment to tattoo you and iron out the final details on the day of your appointment. Each tattoo requires a unique approach, as does every client. I like to work in a manner which encourages the creative process while making the client feel comfortable.