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I’m a traveling tattoo lady who loves to keep her hands and mind busy.

Slow Learner

This week has been busy and eventful.  I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and I think I’ve been able to recap my most valuable lessons from this week into four short points.  I’m curious what your week has taught you 🙂 Feel free to comment! 1. Stop selling yourself short.   Once upon a…

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The Hurt Yurt

It’s crazy, these last few months have flown by, so much has happened that I haven’t even had a chance to type.  First things first: I have a new shop to work out of! My Hurt Yurt!!  My crazy dream came true, I built a yurt and I’m tattooing out of it. I couldn’t be…

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I haven’t written for a while because I was waiting for life to become totally awesome again so I’d only have fabulous crap to write about. I give up! I’ll write anyways.  Life is looking pretty damned ok from this angle, but I still have a lot to work on. So I’m back in the…

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Stolen Thoughts

I don’t like being stolen from. I guess it was about 4 years ago or so, our house got broken into while everyone was sleeping. We didn’t realize that anything had been taken until the morning when things turned up missing. A pack of my second ex-husband’s cigarettes, a backpack, my purse. My kids had…

name flower tattoo

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Work in Progress

 I have a massive unfinished ass tattoo. This troubles me. On many levels. First and foremost, it hurts like a sonofabitch. My canvas (or should I say canv-ass) is not the smallest. Every line that was set was like a long hot dagger digging into my nerves, making the muscles deep inside my butt cheeks…

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